3 Steps to fixing switch

Trouble Shooting Guide

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Try these simple steps before calling Toro Electrical. Many minor issues around the house can be solved without any danger or expense to yourself. If you cannot find the source of the problem, please don’t hesitate to call your property manager or Toro Electrical in the case of an emergency.

RCD Tripping

  • Unplug all appliances from Power-points. Be sure to also remove any water tank pumps, dishwasher, range hood and garage door.
  • Try resetting safety switch, if it stays on plug all appliances in one by one until cause is found.
  • If not, turn all circuit breakers OFF and turn main switch and safety switch ON.
  • Then turn circuit breakers on one by one until safety trips  and cause is found.
  • Call property manager to advise on status.
Safety Switch

No hot water

  • Check circuit breaker in switch board is on and unit is full with water.
  • Then check relief valve and see if hot water exits pipe, if so then a plumber is required as water is not making it inside.
  • If not call property manager as there may be an electrical fault.
Hot water system

Smoke alarm beeping

  • Smoke alarms require new batteries every 12 months.
  • They will do a single beep every 30 seconds to advise a battery is flat.
  • Replace battery, if unit continues to beep advise property manager as it may be faulty and not alarm in the event of a fire.
Smoke alarm

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